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# Title Author(s) Year of publication
40 Youth in Marginalized Settings in Lebanon: The case of Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian Groups Adnan ElAmine 2019
39 The Civic Role of Arab Universities ِAdnan El Amine (Supervisor) 2017
38 Quality Issues in Higher Education in the Arab Countries- Eighth LAES Yearbook Adnan El Amine 2014
37 Higher Education Classification in the Middle East and North Africa Rajika Bhandari and Adnan El Amine 2012
36 Learning and Teaching History: Lessons from and for Lebanon - Seventh LAES yearbook Raouf Ghusayni, Rima Karami Akkary, Bassel Akar 2012
35 A Report of a Midterm Evaluation of the Scholarship Fund for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: Rewarding Academic Excellence Raouf Ghusayni 2012
34 Classifying Higher Education Institutions in the MENA Region: A pilot project Lebanese Association for Educational Studies 2011
33 Higher Teacher Education Institutions in the Arab Countries - Sixth LAES yearbook Samir Jarrar (Coordinator), Fawzi Ayoub (Editor) 2009
32 Evaluation of Educational knowledge production in Arab countries: Application on the content of a sample of Arab educational writings Issued in the year 2007 Fawzi Ayoub 2008
31 The Psychological Condtions of Children and Youth in Lebanon, After the July 2006 War Adnan El Amine, Kamal Abouchedid and others 2008
30 A Study on Using Computer and Communication Technology in the Teaching of English Communication Skills in Basic Education in Bahrain Mary Ghaleb 2007
29 National Strategy for Education In Lebanon Lebanese Association for Educational Studies 2007
28 The Textbook: Its Role, Content, and Quality Fawzi Ayoub 2007
27 Play in Early Childhood Fadia Hoteit 2006
26 Impact Of Student, Teacher, and School Factors On Achievement In Mathematics And Science Based On TIMSS 2003 Arab Countries Data Murad Jurdak 2006
25 Paper on Strategic Goals of Education In Syria Khalil Abu Rjeily 2006
24 National Educational Strategy in Lebanon-Vision Document Lebanese Association For Educational Studies 2006
23 Studies in Education and Social Change in The Arab countries Suzan Abdul-Reda Abourjeili 2006
22 Problem Solving and the Teaching of Mathematics Antoine Dagher 2006
21 School and Parents: From Common Interest to Educational Partnership Simon Faddoul 2006
20 Education and Information Technology in the Arab Countries: Issues and Trends-Yearbook IV Iman Osta (Editor) 2005
19 Inquiry in Science Teaching Zalpha Ayoubi & Saouma Boujaoude 2005
18 َQuality Assurance in Arab Univesities Adnan El Amine 2005
17 Reform of General Education in the Arab Countries Adnan El-Amine 2005
16 Higher Education in the Arab States : Before and after the UNESCO Conference in 1998 And Future Prospects Lebanese Association for Educational Studies Projects 2004
15 Higher Education and the Labor Market in Lebanon Suzanne Abdul-Reda Abourjeili (Coordinator) 2003
14 Evaluation of the New Lebanese Curricula Lebanese Association for Educational Studies 2003
13 Preschool Education in Lebanon Najla Nusair Bashour (Coordinator) 2002
12 Teacher Preparation in The Arab Countries Nada Moghaizel Nasr, Rafica Hammoud and others 2002
11 Educational Administration in the Arab Countries Adnan El Amine 2001
10 Values and Education Raouf Ghusayni 2001
9 Language and Education Kassem Shaaban 2000
8 The New Curricula in Lebanon: Evaluation Review Fawzi Ayoub 1999
7 Lebanese University Issues and their Reform Adnan El Amine, Ahmad Baydoun, Antoin Haddad, Melhem Shaoul, Khalil Nour Eddine 1999
6 The Satate and Education in Lebanon Munir Bashshur 1999
5 Issues in Educational Evaluation: Public Examinations and Educational Indicators Murad Jurdak & Karma El-Hassan 1998
4 University Students in Lebanon Background and Attitudes, The Heritage of Divisions Adnan El Amine and Muhammad Faour 1998
3 New Trends and strategies in Science Education Sauma bou jaoude, Zalfa El-Ayoubi 1997
2 The New and the Possible in Math Education- The Case of Lebanon George N. Nahas, Iman Osta,Victor Milhim 1997
1 Higher Education in Lebanon Adnan El Amine 1997